Permeable Paving Melbourne

Stop Water from Damaging Your Paving with J&J

When a green paving solution is needed to be undertaken with your project, being a driveway with existing established trees, or architect specifications requiring permeable areas. Pebble Pave with its high water flow, is one of the highest quality, proven and tested resin bound paving products on the market! Able to transform the appearance of your outdoor environment, while also improving drainage of pooling rainwater, our permeable paving helps Melbourne property owners prevent slips and fall caused by water over high foot-traffic areas.

Extend the Life of your Driveway with our Exceptional Concreting Solutions

Permeable Concrete Driveway

To create a fully permeable area, we pave over a compacted crushed rock base at a minimum depth of 100 mm ensuring a firm and solid foundation is always attained. Made from visually-appealing and highly-durable materials, our permeable concrete driveways are made to be strong enough to safely support the weight of vehicles, and porous enough to effectively drain vast amounts of water.

Frequently asked questions

  • Water flow: 9 litres per square meter per second is the average rate our product is able to let water flow through.
  • Grip: Used in great effect for wheel chair ramps it is safe to say Pebble Pave is very slip resistant.
  • Crushed Rock Base: Always preparing a dense crushed rock base compacted by a heavy roller or hand compactor in those tight spots, a base prepared by J & J will withstand all vehicles able to navigate our surfaces.

Driveways Made for Motorists

Permeable Driveway Melbourne

At J&J Permeable Paving, we have helped countless residents living throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area increase the safety and the design of their outdoor entertainment and parking environments. Using high-quality and durable materials that evoke nature and add character to your property our permeable driveways and paving helps Melbourne residents enjoy their homes to the fullest. To find out more about how you can benefit from our permeable concrete driveways and paving Melbourne home and business owners are encouraged to call us today on 0409 070 380.